Our major business is production and selling of the items mentioned below. Based on R&D, manufacturing and repair of extrubing machine and lead grinding machine for stationery, and pad and Screen printers , we are supplying pad and Screen printers of the highest performance and quality for customers at cheaper prices.
Also, we have implemented unmanned printing automation for many customers through ceaseless effort and investment. In addition to printing, we are contributing to automation in several fields such as automated assembly line, tester etc., for example,
we have produced cleaning mchine to remove fine dust and static electricity from the printing panel since development in 2004









Pad printer

Cup Type 1-, 2-color printer

Open Type 1-, 2-color printer

Screen printer

Special-purpose printer made-to-order is available by size

Repairing and remodeling other company's equipment

Automation equipment

Unmanned automation printing, assembly automation line, testing equipment

Cleaning Machine

Removing fine dust and static electricity from the printing panel


Heater, pad cleaning unit, de-airing system

Subsidiary materials

Printing jig, ink cup, ink try, sheath, pad mold, other printing-related materials


Ink tray, Panel speed control valve, Ink cup, Blade clamp, Ink bar


extrubing machine and Nib grinding machine for stationery